Some answers to common questions.

What do you do?

If it’s something that a Handyman or Gardener could do, generally we’ll say yes. If you aren’t sure, just ask.

We can help with minor carpentry, building and repairs. We can replace damaged or cracked tiles, or tile small areas. We can patch cracks and holes in plaster. We also paint, construct flat-pack furniture, remove rubbish, high-pressure clean, and of course, we can undertake garden maintenance and minor landscaping work.


What don’t you do?

By law, we are unable to assist with any plumbing or electrical work. We also suggest you contact licensed trades for large painting, plastering and carpentry work. If you aren’t sure if your job is classed as large or small, feel free to ask us. We can also recommend reputable tradespeople if necessary.

We don’t work at heights above one storey for safety reasons. Similarly, we won’t build decks, stairs or balustrades, as we think that those jobs are best left to the experts in those fields due to the complex regulatory requirements.


What areas do you service?

To keep it economical for you and also to meet demand, we try to keep our service area to within around 20 minutes of the Hobart CBD, or from our base in Howrah.

We do have clients from outside of those areas, but to meet costs we do have a minimum booking, depending on the job and the distance from the city. During our very busy times we also need to decline work outside of the city to ensure we can adequately service our local area first.

If you aren’t sure whether we service your area, or if you’d like to know if we are able to make an exception at the moment, please contact us.


How much do you charge?

Because jobs, materials and locations vary so much, it’s best if you contact us directly and we can give you an estimate.

We do charge per worker per hour, so you’ll pay the same for two workers for 1 hour, as you would if you had one worker for 2 hours.


Do I have to have payment on the day?

You can certainly make payment by cash on the day, and we can send you through a receipt if required. Alternatively, we can invoice you and you can make payment by bank transfer, or by cheque if necessary. Please note, we do not undertake ‘cash’ or ‘tax free’ work  – all payments, made in cash or otherwise, are processed and banked according to Australian Taxation Law.


Do you charge GST?

At this point in time we are not required to charge GST so you won’t see it referenced on our invoices.


Do you have EFTPOS?

No, we do not have EFTPOS. We are hoping to allow for on-site payment methods with the advancement of mobile technology in the near future. You can always pay us via bank transfer though.


My quote was higher than I expected for just a handyman. Why?

As a business owner/operator our hourly rate covers many overheads . For example, we are required to pay taxes, superannuation and insurance, as well as purchase and maintain machinery.

Before you engage anyone to undertake work at your property, you should ensure:

  • that they are a registered business;
  • that they pay taxes on their earnings;
  • that they operate under Australian and Tasmanian Workplace Health and Safety legislation; and
  • that they are insured for damage to property and people.


I have a business/rental property. Can you invoice work done at my home to the business/rental property?

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity in all of our dealings. If you would like your mail sent to your business address we are pleased to oblige, however our invoices will reference the address at which the work was undertaken.


How do I contact you?


How long will it take for you to respond to my query?

We try to respond to your contact within 24 hours. Occasionally we experience unusually high levels of enquiries and we may take longer. To help us assist you with your enquiry it is best if you include as much information as you can.


When should I contact you if I’d like you to do some work for me?

The general rule is the sooner the better. We are happy  to make bookings well in advance.